“I want to make fitness simple and attainable for busy women”

-Allison Lambert

The Fit Tutor

New Year’s Fitness Challenge


Every year we make resolutions hoping for the best. We have the best intentions but don’t have the resources to truly pursue our resolutions. Working out isn’t an exception. Starting a health journey can be overwhelming. Creating workouts can be intimidating and finding time to go to the gym can be nearly impossible.

That’s where the Fit Tutor comes in, we create simple and and effective at home video workouts just for women.

Here is our 2 Week Fitness Challenge:

#1 Sign up for a 2 week Free Trial of The Fit Tutor

#2 Commit to doing three to four Fit Tutor workouts per week

#3 Switch up what your drink. Replace soda, sweet tea, juice, and alcohol with water

#4 Skip the sweets. Limit yourself to 1 dessert per week

Of course there are more things that you can do to get fit, but we want to make improving your health approachable and sustainable this year.

If you don’t see any results after 2 weeks of doing the challenge you can quit without any fees. When your trial is over, our product is only $11.99 per month to change your life!

Let us know how we can help you this year.

Start Your Free 14 day Trial

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