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-Allison Lambert

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Your 6 Week Challenge for the New Year

This 6 Week Challenge is the perfect jumpstart you need to make your goals a reality!

In January 2018, The Fit Tutor is launching one of the most effective programs yet, the 6 Week Sculpt. It combines strength training to help sculpt and define your muscles, cardio to help increase your fat loss, and plyometrics to boost your metabolism and finally get the results you want.

In this challenge, you’ll complete the 6 Week Sculpt Program, get accountability to stay consistent, get help setting and sticking to food goals, healthy meal ideas sent to you weekly, and most of all, get results!

You will stick with your goals, get past when most people would quit, and get results in 6 weeks to keep you motivated and give you momentum heading in the right direction!

6 week workout program // 6 week sculpt // at home workout program
How is it so Effective?

The Sculpt Program targets and challenges every muscle in your body, which is why it’s the focus of your Challenge. It’s setup as a Split Routine, which means you’ll work your legs and abs one day, and your upper body and sides of your core the next. This means you’ll increase the impact of your results because you’re strength training several days per week- which is the BEST exercise a woman can do. Here are more of the benefits of strength training:

  • helps you burn more fat
  • increases your metabolism
  • changes your body shape
  • helps you look and feel strong and defined
  • fights osteoporosis, heart disease, age-related weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cancers, etc
  • improves mood, fights depression and anxiety
  • builds confidence
  • improves body- and self-image

If your goals are to lose fat, gain strength, build healthy habits and stick to them, then this Challenge is perfect for you!

What To Expect for the 6 Week Challenge

Besides all the great health benefits of strength training, you’ll get amazing other benefits, like


Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a short survey to help make your challenge personalized to you, your goals, your schedule, etc! You’ll be able to decide if you want to cut out any certain foods, get accountability for getting your groceries by a certain day of the week, determine how you want your Fit Coach to keep up with you during the challenge, and how you want to be kept accountable!

If the 6 Week Sculpt isn’t up your alley, you can do one of The Fit Tutor’s other results-driven workout programs to help you jumpstart your fitness goals. Everything can be personalized- if you have zero healthy habits and you want to start with just one, we can make that happen!

Building Healthy Habits

Anyone can start a fitness program, but this challenge will help you stick to it and build healthy habits. We will focus on creating or improving your fitness routine. The Fit Tutor has online workouts, composed of individual exercise videos, each with easier and harder ways to do the exercise! In this case, those videos are combined for the 6 Week Sculpt! You’ll shoot for 4 workouts per week, and more if you’d like.

You will also improve your food intake by working on eating healthier foods and in the right amounts for your body.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to all the workout programs The Fit Tutor has to offer, including a Nutrition Course to help make those healthy eating habits doable and easy-to-follow. The cherry on top is that you won’t be doing it alone…

Your Own Fit Coach + Accountability

For 6 weeks, you’ll have me, Ali, on your team as your very own Fit Coach! I’ll be here to answer your questions, help you personalize your challenge and goals if you desire, and check in and hold you accountable to what you said you’d do! Accountability can take you from just starting another New Years workout routine to actually seeing transformation!

You’ll also have the option to join a Facebook Accountability Group with other women, just like you, who are committed to 6 weeks of awesomeness. These women are rockstars: different levels of fitness, different walks of life, but we are all encouraging, real, and doing our best to make health a priority! Checking in with others also helps you do what you said you’d do!


There will be cash prizes for the most consistent person and the person with the biggest results! The more people sign up, the bigger the victory pot is, so have your friends sign up today! (totals will be announced once registration has ended)

6 week fitness challenge 6 week workout program // 6 week sculpt // at home workout program

Equipment Needed

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and an internet connection! I’ve some great options in my store!

Ready to rock this challenge? Sign up anytime before January 7th, the earlier the better so you can work out any personalized goals and discuss with me how you’d like to be kept accountable.

Sign Up Here!

What’s Realistic in 6 Weeks?

Well, let’s be honest, 6 weeks is no year. A year of healthy choices, consistent workouts, and not falling off the workout wagon is going to get you big time transformation. But let’s not discredit what 6 weeks CAN do!

Weight Loss: You can lose weight, up to 12 pounds safely, but possibly some more from losing water weight after “healthifying” your diet! Muscle Tone: You can gain muscle, get some definition and notice a big change in how your clothes fit. You can lose inches (which is more like what will happen since gaining muscle can affect how the scale looks!), you can feel better, have less joint pain, headaches, acne, and whatever else your current diet and lifestyle may be contributing to!

So although this is no Biggest Loser ranch situation, you will still get results, build momentum, and be on your merry way to looking great and feeling better! 6 weeks can still get you BIG results, especially with the Sculpt Program!

Let’s do this, friend!

Sign Up Now and Get All of These Benefits

Ready to go? Just click the sign up button and let’s get started. You’ll get an email from me with your survey to personalize your challenge if you want.

  • access to your 6 Week Sculpt Program for your fitness level
    • plus access to all Fit Tutor courses!
  • access to The Fit Tutor’s Habit-based Nutrition Course
  • at-home and machine cardio workouts
  • 6 weeks of meal ideas
  • your own Fit Coach
  • accountability personalized for you!

Challenge Dates

The 6 Week Challenge starts on January 2nd and goes through February 13!

Just because the Challenge officially starts on the 2nd doesn’t mean you won’t have accountability and workouts until then. We can get you on the road to fit and fab ASAP!

Once you sign up you’ll have access to everything immediately! So don’t delay! Bring a friend or 2, but hurry because spaces are limited!

The Value vs the Cost

Doing this program with me in person would cost you around $1500, but you can have it all in the comfort of your own home for only $99!!!!

This is my special intro pricing since it’s the first Challenge open to the public, and to celebrate, I’m making it insanely affordable. Sign up to get started now, since these prices won’t stay long! $99 to get you through the middle of February with sticking to your goals? Shoot, that’s amazing.

What are you waiting for?

Oh shoot. This Challenge has ended. But check out our other amazing plans here!

Any questions, shoot me an email with the contact form!

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