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These At Home Workout Programs Will Get You In Great Shape

A Workout Program For Everyone (And Every Schedule!)

The Fit Tutor offers several different workout programs to get great results for every fitness level. They can all be done at home or at the gym, and can be adjusted for your crazy life and schedule. Read this article to help match your needs, goals, and fitness level to the program that will get you the results you desire! If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact me!

  • Get great results in the comfort of your own home
  • Learn how to eat right- no more dieting
  • Lose weight and gain strength
  • Get healthier and make your doctor happy
  • Have your own virtual personal trainer
  • All your friends will envy your deal-finding skills, as well as your new hot bod!

All of my programs are created with individual exercise videos. Each video has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced way to perform the exercise. There are plenty of ways to improve and increase- you’ll never need to worry about plateauing or outgrowing these workouts! I’ll describe them below and you can decide which sounds best for you!

at home online workout programs

Results-Driven Programs

The links with the program titles will take you an article that describes the program more in detail, but I don’t have them for every program. Fit Tutor members can access each course by clicking the “Courses” tab when they login!

Get Fit Program

This is a progressive 8 week workout program, meaning it starts out easier and gets more demanding as you progress. It’s a full-body strength training and plyometrics routine, and it would be a good option to help you gradually increase your intensity and add in new exercises. I highly recommend this to people who are new to strength training or haven’t worked out in quite a while! There are separate programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers.

20 Minute Express Program

This circuit training routine breaks workouts into different body parts, and you’ll spend only 20 minutes improving your body, health, and confidence. It’s great for boosting your metabolism, since you can lift weights more often- and more muscle means higher metabolism! It includes plyometrics within each circuit so you raise your heart rate and get your cardio in. This program is great if you’re short on time! There are separate workouts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers.

Booteus Maximus Program (#BMAX)

This is a full body 10 week superset program with the primary goal of working your butt and legs. Supersets work opposing muscles back to back, and help to challenge your muscles in new and different ways. By working the biggest muscles of the body, you will have the biggest impact on your metabolism, not to mention get hot legs and rock your jeans! This is my favorite program to go through! 

BMAX 2: The Return of the Booty

Back by popular demand, another 10 week program designed to work the booty. Boost your metabolism and notice stronger legs and glutes with this at home workout program! It differs from the original BMAX with the addition of finishers to really feel the burn + new exercises! Don’t worry, your arms, back, abs, and shoulders will not be neglected ;)

6 Week Sculpt Program

The upper and lower body split routine will get you strength training 4+ days per week. It focuses on sculpting your muscles, helping you get stronger and more defined. It alternates Supersets and Compound Sets (member faves) to help you challenge muscles and keep seeing results. Lifting in a split routine can help you lose inches and boost your metabolism. There are 3 levels of the program so you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Weekly Workouts

I create a new workout each week with different exercises and different workout styles. All can be easily adjusted to fit into a busy life schedule. It’s a great place to go if you’re wanting variety and challenging workouts that can be adjusted for any level. And it gives you the same results of a workout program without the commitment.

7 Minute Workout

This is based on the infamous 7 Minute Workout Program, but has been tweaked to avoid plateauing and get you the best results possible in such a short time! It has a new workout for each day of the week, each working a different part of the body so certain muscle groups rest while you work others. This way you can consistently burn calories and increase your metabolism! It’s perfect for those who swear they have no time. Excuses can no longer stand in between you and your health and confidence!

Restore and Postpartum Workout Programs

The Restore Program is designed to get you from delivery to your doctor’s clearance to exercise in a safe and healthy way. It will teach you exercises to do, how to roll over, and correct posture so you can heal correctly and be ready to workout once cleared. The Postpartum Program helps to heal your core and pelvic floor to avoid incontinence and “mummy tummy”– all while gaining strength and losing baby weight in a safe way for a postpartum mama. It’s 12 weeks long, and has supplements for diastasis recti and C-sections. I believe every mom should go through this program!

Nutrition Course

This isn’t a workout program, nor is it a diet, but it can be done in conjunction with ANY workout to get you great results. It teaches you, week by week, how to eat better, healthier, and to promote a healthy body composition! It helps you create ingrained habits so you don’t yo-yo diet, and so you can create healthy meals for you and your family, and know how to rock a buffet or party table without gaining weight. I recommend it with any workout program!

Bridal Bootcamp

This 6 month program will get you ridiculous results and help you feel fit and fabulous on your big day! Turn heads, drop jaws, and feel gorgeous and confident – at your wedding, honeymoon, and LIFE! This program combines different types of strength training workouts, plyometrics, and cardio to help you lose weight, get as defined as you’d like to be, skyrocket your metabolism, and feel amazing. Do this alongside the nutrition course to get even better results!

Get Healthy and Fit- Today!

Really friends, you can’t go wrong. Find the program that fits your goals and schedule, and start! Commit to a workout program, and get the accountability needed to finish what you’ve started and see the results you’ve been wanting!

Training with me 3x/week would cost you $120. A week. 
Going through all the information in my Nutrition Course in coaching sessions would cost about $1,000.

A membership to The Fit Tutor gets you all of the amazing workout programs, nutrition help, and accountability for a fraction of the price of working with me in person.

There’s 3 membership options

The Fit for Life membership will get you lifetime access to the site for a one-time fee of $50! The price is still a steal, as I’ll continue to add more programs and meal plans!


The Fit Tutor is now offering Online Fitness Challenges throughout the year, as well as Online Personal Training to help you get personalized workouts, meal plans, and the best results possible!

Your health is an investment, and you are worth it!

Contact me with any questions, or just START!

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2 Responses to “These At Home Workout Programs Will Get You In Great Shape”
  1. Jill Schulz

    I’m interested in signing up for the restore and postpartum workout. My daughter is 8 months so I was wondering if this is the right program for me. I need to work on my mummy tummy ;). I also just found out that I have low bone density so a work out that would help in both of those areas would be great. Thanks so much for your help!

    • Avatar photo
      Allison Lambert

      Hey Jill!
      It sounds like this program would be a great match for your needs! You have the option to start with either the Restore or Postpartum Program since your daughter is 8 months old (congrats, by the way!!). You can do the Restore to help develop a healthy foundation and then move to the Postpartum Program, or you can start with the Postpartum workouts and do the Restore program as your warm-up :) This is all clearly explained in the programs, too. Either way, it sounds like a good match for the needs you described! Strength training can improve bone density and help you gain strength and lose your mummy tummy! Let me know how I can help!