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Online coaching and workouts through The Fit Tutor are made for any woman who wants to get in amazing shape, but may need some accountability and a little personal guidance to get the job done!

You have a lot of things on your plate and your own area of expertise. Why would you have to know the ins and outs of all the fad diets and latest workout trends? You don’t. That’s why Fit Tutor Online Coaching is here. It’s perfect for someone who has a busy schedule, or feels overwhelmed and wants an easy-to-follow, results-driven workout plan!

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How You Benefit from Online Fitness Coaching

Ali, your coach, specializes in women’s strength training and fat loss, helping women create healthy habits within their lifestyle and hectic schedules, and in specializing accountability to help clients stay consistent. All Fit Tutor workouts are designed around the benefits of strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval training), plus they are created to be done at home, with minimal equipment, only needing the internet and a pair of dumbbells.

Personalized within Your Schedule and Goals

With Ali as your coach, you can do your workouts on your own time, but get personalized guidance and accountability. If an exercise doesn’t work for you, she’ll help you find a good replacement. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, she’ll help you adjust your food and workouts to continue fat loss (and good news, all the workouts are designed to avoid a plateau!). If you have a busy week, she’ll help you find a game plan and stick to it, so there’s no more falling off the wagon.

She can help you learn how to eat right for your body, get results with your workouts, and stay consistent. Having a coach helps you stay focused, patient, and accurately track your progress. It’s always helpful having a pro to brainstorm with when things aren’t going as planned.

Saves Time and Frustration

You could do all of this on your own, but by enlisting Ali, a nationally certified fitness and nutrition coach with several years of experience, you will get to your goals faster while having more time to focus on what really matters to you. Your only job is to show up to your workouts and check in with your coach.

Accountability to Finally Reach Your Goals

Accountability is key, but Fit Tutor members have discovered that accountability can be flaky when it’s just with a workout buddy, and it can be straining on a relationship (think of asking your husband to hide all of the cookies, or for your roommate to take money from your purse each time you eat chips past midnight). Fit Coach to the rescue- consistent, reliable, effective accountability made for you, while keeping all of your friendships healthy.

Say goodbye to goal setting, and say hello to goal reaching.

Here’s what other women have to say about their experience with The Fit Tutor and Online Coaching.

It Works: Testimonials from Women Just Like You


I was 31 and at my highest weight I had ever been. I was in a size 18 but pushing a 20. I came to a point where I had had enough. I had friends who knew how to help me improve my health, and it was time to make it happen. I joined a boot camp class on September 15, 2015. I completed two rounds of boot camp and ate 90% clean during that time. I lost 17 pounds in 3 months. I joined Fit Tutor the night boot camp ended. Boot camp was great, but too expensive to continue long term.

I have had my ups and downs, but I have stuck with it. Almost two years, later I have lost 60 pounds. I have noticed an improvement in sleep, energy, and stress reduction. I have fewer migraines which I now realize was often tied to what I was eating or not eating. When I started this journey, I wanted to be in better shape/health than I was in my twenties. I can now say, I weigh less than I did when I graduated high school this week 15 years ago.


I started The Fit Tutor workouts when I was trying to get pregnant. I’m a teacher and often work 60 hours a week, and I just couldn’t get motivated to work out after school, but I knew I wanted to get in shape to have a healthy pregnancy. Allison’s whole philosophy – start small, set achievable goals, use accountability, create habits – it was exactly what I needed. I was able to start with beginner exercises in 20 minute workouts that fit my schedule and fitness level, and the Facebook accountability group gave me such encouragement and support in setting, reaching, and celebrating goals that I’d often push myself to workout just so I could post in the group!

After a year off of regular exercise while breast-feeding and managing the sleep deprivation and sickness that comes with parenting an infant, I came back to The Fit Tutor to get back in shape. With even less available time to work out, the 20 Minute Express Program was an absolute godsend. Within 3 months of doing 3-4 Express workouts per week, I lost 13 lbs and starting packing on muscle. It’s now been six months and I have never been in better shape. I even bought a 2-piece bathing suit for the first time since high school!


The Fit Tutor has given me the personal satisfaction of successfully sticking with a program that encourages a stronger and healthier lifestyle! While maintaining a healthy weight, I have enjoyed seeing the benefits of strength & endurance that are incorporated into every day life and recreational activities! Looking better in my clothes is a definite bonus, too!

Seeing the inspiring stories of others truly pushes me to stay the course! Friendly competition makes me go for one more set and knowing someone as busy (or busier than) me is making it a priority removes (yet another) excuse! Even though this is an online community with some people I’ve never met in “real life,” I can’t fake it with them, so I’m required to keep my word.

Here’s What to Expect

The Fit Tutor can help anyone, from a couch potato to a fitness junkie get in shape. There are ways to make the workouts easier and more challenging, and you get to do that at your own pace. The Fit Tutor is one of the best ways out there to get personalized coaching and workouts without paying the price for that individual attention. Everything on the site is customizable if you want, and you have a coach to help you make things right for you.

Workout Programs

You’ll have several to choose from, and Ali will help you pick the best one to start with. Each workout is made up of individual exercise videos, each with a beginner, intermediate, and advanced modification so they work for every level of fitness!

There’s plenty of effective programs to choose from for all levels and schedules and goal! You can even get an 8-12 week program specifically designed just for you, ranging from $200-$350 extra!

With so many programs included, you’ll never get bored, and you’ll keep seeing results. There are also Weekly Workouts if you want to mix things up or have a crazy week, and a Workout Creator where you can build your own workouts and save them to your profile!

If your goals are fat loss and/or strength gain, these program are for you.


Since you’ll have a coach, you’ll be able to ask questions, get workouts tweaked for you, get feedback on form, find encouragement, etc! Coaching helps to ensure you’re doing the best you can with your schedule and fitness level. Having an expert on hand is infinitely helpful. Coaching can be done via email or with virtual coaching calls!

Nutrition coaching is also available to help you create lifelong healthy habits to improve your overall health, reach your goals, and eat the rights foods- in the right amounts- for the body composition you desire. Fit Tutor members have gotten off medications, lost weight, conquered cravings, and have even “graduated” from our Nutrition Course knowing their health is finally in their own hands! Nutrition coaching is formed around creating healthy habits, one at a time, before moving on to the next. It ensures habits are actually formed and you won’t fall back into old ways of eating!


Accountability is usually the game changer between knowing what you want to do and actually getting it accomplished! You’ll be able to do daily or weekly check-ins, bi-weekly measurements, habit charts to track adherence and see improvements and areas of struggle, food logs, rewards and/or consequences for missing your goals. There are many ways to use accountability to reach your health and fitness goals, and combined with the coaching element, these can be personalized just for you!

Accountability helps to take a crazy busy week and modify your goals so you’re still moving forward. No more quitting or falling off the wagon.

Getting Started

After you sign up you’ll get an email with instructions on where to start. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and an internet connection and you’re good to go! Ali will walk you through what to do and make it easy, and start the accountability discussion if you’re interested!

As a members, you’ll have access to All The Fit Tutor has to offer, which has been mentioned here. And, you’ll get first dibs on joining new upcoming fitness challenges, too!

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