About The Fit Tutor

Hey, I’m Allison!

Some personal trainers wear camo pants, yell a lot, or show off their six-packs to motivate their clients. Not me. I believe in eating chocolate, buying lots of shoes, and encouraging my clients by walking along side of them in their fitness journeys. Simply put, I am an everyday woman who is conquering real struggles. I love helping moms and busy women live healthier lives for the benefit of themselves and their families.

My desire to help women get in shape lead me to create The Fit Tutor. I am an ACE certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, former psychology teacher, and college athlete. I use my knowledge and enthusiasm to help women feel confident and overcome any fear of working out.

Ace certified personal trainer, Precision nutrition certified coach

About Me

I stand by my programs and nutrition coaching, and I’m confident they will get you results! Some of you may want a coach and not just a program, so let me tell you a little more about myself!

I’m obsessed with coffee. A lot of my “free” time is spent researching clothing companies and food brands so I can make ethical and environmentally conscious purchases. My instagram feed is almost entirely puppies. I personally struggle with anxiety, but I’m determined to conquer it without medicine and help other women do the same.

I don’t believe in motivating other women by showing them my body, and I’m determined to be a positive influence in this world of mostly naked fitness gurus! Travel is my true love, but I hate flying. My family consists of two adorable wiener dogs and a hot bearded hubs, who is the tech genius behind this website. I’m trying to make the biggest impact in this world that I can with my one life I have to live! I’d love to help you live yours to the (healthiest) and fullest, too!


So what is the Fit Tutor?

The fit tutor is a membership website that curates weekly workouts and fitness programs. It has exercise videos with instructions for every level of exerciser. There is also a nutrition course to teach you how to eat right and lose weight.

Who is The Fit Tutor for?

The Fit Tutor is for moms and busy women who want help getting healthy and in shape.

Why would I pay for a membership?

Is finding time to fit in effective workouts a challenge? Do you have the time or knowledge to comb the web for exercises and create high quality, effective, and balanced workouts? Can you afford a personal trainer ($50+/hourly)?

For $11.99 monthly you will have a virtual personal trainer. The Fit Tutor provides you everything needed (excluding a set of dumbbells) to workout whenever and wherever you are most comfortable. You will have full access to workout courses, weekly exercises, nutrition coaching, and accountability groups. This will help you to transform your physical health and give you more energy to focus on the things in life that really matter.

Get me in shape!