Online Personal Training

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The Best Path to Success is with a Coach

Investing in a personal trainer is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! You can finally stay on the path to health, fat loss, and ingraining healthy eating habits. The days of skipping the gym and yo-yo dieting are over! See ya never, diets.

You’ll get Ali as your coach to help you get the best results, whether your goal is to have more energy or be beach-ready year-round. Having a coach is the best way to finally stick to your routine. You’ll get help navigating busy weeks, pushing through when you lack motivation, and finally see how your body looks and feels when you take great care of it.

The best part is that online training revolves around your schedule. You don’t have to drop the kids off at a sitter or reschedule that meeting. They are all done when it works best for you!


The Fit Tutor’s online personal training package includes personalized workouts designed just for you– your goals, your body, your schedule. 

online personal training- affordable, effective!

How Does it Work?

After emailing or a coaching call with Ali, you’ll get online workouts sent to you that are designed just for you! All the questions you have about the workouts, exercises, and frequency will be explained. Ali will be here to help you with any questions you have on form, swapping out exercises, workout nutrition, etc.


You’ll also get meal plans that work for you – your dietary restrictions, your family if you all eat together, and your preferences. They will all be geared toward your overall health and fitness goals, too. Online Personal Training includes online nutrition coaching with Ali to help you build in healthy habits while you follow the plan. Break bad habits and take your health into your own hands.

Eating right for your body + strength training + cardio = the greatest results.


The best part of this package is it comes with the highest level of accountability with Ali! Daily and weekly check-ins, personal coaching to help work through problems and create rewards and/or consequences systems as needed, video chats (optional), etc.

Daily check-ins and weekly email communication with your fit coach. Find rewards, consequences, and boundaries to help you make fitness and healthy eating a natural part of life without cutting out all of your favorite foods and hobbies. Having someone stick with you through the ups and downs will help you truly find transformation both inside and out.


This is the best option to move full-steam ahead (or ya know, the pace you need) toward your goals while building a solid foundation of healthy habits in the process. Get the most personalized coaching and workouts geared towards you to get you the best results.

This investment in yourself costs way less than an in-person training session. A week’s worth of in-person training, nutrition coaching, and meal plans would cost around $300-500. This costs you so much less than that and is equally effective, if not more because we eliminate scheduling conflicts!

Here’s your deal:

$125 per week (billed bi-weekly) Click the button below to get started! 

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You are worth it, friend!

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