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This Cardio Abs Workout Will Shrink Your Waist!

This cardio abs workout will get your heart rate up and tone your core while helping to shrink your waistline! You can do it all at home, too! Doing a cardio abs workout can help you reach your weight loss goals as well as your defined stomach goals! Exercise and eating right are crucial for getting a flatter stomach and visible abs, and exercises like crunches can sometimes make your abs stick out farther, not giving you the shrinking look you’re going for. Add this workout to your routine ASAP!

Cardio Abs Workout: 12 Exercises You Can Do At Home

You can do this as many times through as you’d like, but don’t do it on back-to-back days. Set a timer with work:rest times and get to sweating! I’d recommend 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest, switching at the halfway point for exercises done on both sides of the body. This depends on your level- start with more or with less, depending on how in shape you are! When it feels easy, make it harder, or add some weights!

One time through will be 12 minutes. Shoot for two rounds!

Jump Twists

When doing jump twists, keep your back tall, your feet together, and knees slightly bent. As you jump, try to do most of the twisting with your core!

Burpees with Twists

This is a traditional burpee with a twist instead of a pushup! Hinge your hips, bend your knees, and jump back so you’re in plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Jump far enough back that you can be in a straight line, and use this position to engage your core. Twist while bringing one knee up to the opposite elbow; return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite leg. Next, jump your feet back up to your hands, like you’re in a squat position, then explode up from that position back to the start. Do the whole shebang all over again!

Single Leg Knee Drives

Split time between both sides of the body.
Stand with your feet staggered slightly, back tall, hips hinged. Keep your front knee bent, but don’t let it go over your toes.

Bring your back leg up, knee bent, to your hip. Bring it high enough that your thigh is parallel with the floor (if you can bring it that high). Twist at your core and try to touch your knee to your opposite elbow, while resisting the urge to hunch over.

Holding a dumbbell between your hands is optional, but awesome. Return to starting position and continue as fast as you can for the allotted time.

Mountain Climbers

Get on the floor in plank position, arms underneath your shoulders. Brace your core, bend at your hip and knee, and bring one foot forward under your chest. Point your toes so your foot doesn’t drag on the ground, and focus on keeping in good plank position and not letting your butt raise up. Without letting your foot touch the ground, bring it back to the starting position quickly and repeat on the other leg. 

Side Plank Plyometrics

Split time between both sides of the body.
Press up into a side plank and extend your top arm over your head, keeping it straight. Lift up your top leg and bring both your arm and leg out front to meet each other, then swing them back behind you, while keeping your balance and your core tight. Stay in control the whole time. Your leg should swing back farther than your arm ;)

Single Leg Squat Thrusts

Split time between both sides of the body.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, shift your weight to one leg and lift the other up bent behind you. 
Squat down on your standing leg and put your hands flat on the ground. Jump your leg back until you’re in a pushup position, trying to keep your leg toward the middle of your body. Pause, tighten your core. Use only the one leg to jump back up to another one-legged squat. Keep your abs tight throughout whole movement, and try to not rock at your core. Try to keep your back straight throughout this move, no sagging hips or butts high in the air!


Start in a squat position with your feet about shoulders-width apart. Hinge your hips back and don’t allow your knees to go past your toes as you squat. Hold this position and twist at your core while throwing a punch in the direction you are twisting. The main twisting movement is happening with your core and abs. Twist and repeat on the other side, careful not to use momentum!

Squat Jump with Turn

Start by doing a regular squat, bending and hinging at the hips, making sure your knees do not go over your toes as they bend. Bring your hands back behind you as you bend down or touch the floor in front of you, and keep your back straight, core engaged. Jump up explosively, turning mid-air to face in the opposite direction- try to use your core as you turn! When you land, lower your body back into the squat position, throwing your butt behind you to immediately start another squat jump! Jump in opposite directions- going in a circle will make you dizzy ;)

Standing Oblique Crunches

Stand up tall, knees slightly bent, with your core engaged. Balance on your right foot while you raise your left leg, bending the knee to 90 degrees. Lift the left knee up and across your body as you bring it to meet your right elbow. Perform cross body crunches, alternating on each rep. Keep your back straight and don’t hunch over- crunch as much as you can while keeping good form. 

Plank Jacks

Begin in plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists and your body in a straight line. Step your feet together. Hop your legs out wide, then hop them together. Jump as quickly as you want. It’s similar to the jumping jack movement but in the plank position. Don’t allow your butt to come up or your hips to sag!

Side Lunge to Crunch

Split time between both sides of the body.
Take a large step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor. Make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. You will want your butt to sit back, like you are sitting in a chair. Your left foot should remain flat on the floor and bend at your ankle and hip only. Push off through your right foot, bringing your knee over to your opposite elbow. Crunch down to meet your knee, and then immediately extend it back into another side lunge. 

Squat to Punch

Ahhh one of my faves! Start by keeping your back and core tall, shoulders back, and hinge your hips back and bend at your knees to drop into a squat. As you stand back up, twist to your right while punching with your left arm, and bring your right leg up, knee bent like you’re crunching it to your chest. Quickly return to the starting position, do another squat and repeat on the other side. Make sure you’re twisting with your core and sides!

Reach Your Goals

I’m 110% excited that you’re giving this cardio abs workout a go!

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