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4 Awesome Reasons to Modify Exercises

Exercise Modifications help beginners or people with limitations get in shape!


Have you ever tried an exercise that was too challenging for you? There are many reasons why we may need to change an exercise to suit our body and needs, and I’m here to tell you why modifications are AWESOME. Like an ice cream sundae! While discussing a fitness challenge with a group of ladies, the topic of modifications came up. It was met with looks of disgust, prideful remarks, and a heck-no kind of attitude. I was shocked. Like… jaw dropped, stunned into silence shocked. Somewhere along the way these women had picked up a negative stigma associated with modifying exercises.

Where did this come from!? I know most of us grew up with sayings like “pain is just weakness leaving the body” but c’mon now. We are smart enough to see through that, right? One of the best ways to reach your goals is to use modifications as needed. I’m a former college athlete who has made my passion for fitness my career. I modify exercises and workouts ALL the time. There. Is. No. Shame. Let the stigma breaking begin!

Here are four stellar reasons why you should welcome modifications

1. Your body peaks around 25-30, and then declines. Unfortunately, this is for many areas, but I’m referring to your skeletal muscles, joints, and all that good stuff we use in exercise. Incorporating modifications can help your body function better, last longer, and hopefully prevent injuries!

2. People who otherwise couldn’t exercise can with modifications. If you do a Google search for exercise modifications, you will find a long drop down list for most diseases and conditions. Exercising helps to fight off disease, lower blood pressure, lose weight, balance blood chemistry, help your body work more efficiently, etc. By incorporating modifications these people can fight off other conditions while trying to improve their current state! Isn’t that awesome? Chances are, you can exercise. If you fall into this category, go call your Doc and see what you can do and get started!

3. Many of us have a list of injuries to go along with our accomplishments. I have neck and knee injuries- score! By modifying exercises, we can protect our injured areas while still getting our sweat on and getting stronger. There are some exercises I would LOVE to do, but just can’t. I’m still exercising, and with a workout that caters to MY body and MY needs. Which is what we should all be doing! Your pride is NEVER worth an injury! I say that as a 30 year old… maybe 16 year-old Allison would roll her eyes at that statement!? There’s that frontal lobe again!

4.Finally, they help us get rid of excuses and give us goals to set. I know some of you are skipping your workout because you feel like you are so out of shape you don’t even know where to start. Some of you have started workouts that were too challenging and had to quit and now you feel defeated. I understand, and I’m sorry that happened. The good news is with exercise modifications you can start where YOU need to. Then you can be pumped you are exercising, and you can improve and set goals to make it harder as you go. I LOVE looking back at where I started with my clients- and I use it as daily encouragement for them!

By now you should be doing awesome air kicks over your excitement for modifications. If you still feel lost and don’t know where to start, fret not, The Fit Tutor is here to help. In every exercise video there is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced modification to help you get a good workout, no matter your level or age! We have a Get Fit Program, accountability, and a nutrition course to help you end dieting forever. What are you waiting for! Click here to get started.

why exercise modifications are important

Now go do a pushup, whether it’s against a wall or one-handed ;)

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  1. Racquel jones

    Allison! This website is awesome, and you look awesome! I’m so happy you’re doing what you love and you’re passionate about. Would love to hear back from you through email..xoxo

  2. Avatar photo
    Allison Lambert

    Thanks Racquel! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ll email you soon :) Thanks for the encouragement!