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Get Strong and Healthy After Pregnancy with this Postpartum Exercise Program

Today I’m answering many of your questions about The Fit Tutor’s Postpartum Exercise Program details. I’ve talked at length about why mamas need a different workout than before they were pregnant, so if you’re curious about these reasons, check out these posts:

Many exercises can exacerbate incontinence or the separation of the abdominal wall. Since mamas have a lot on their plate already, I created this online Postpartum Exercise Program they can follow along with – for a safe and effective path to getting back in shape after pregnancy!

This post will focus on the details of this program for anyone wanting to use it!

About the Postpartum Exercise Program

The Fit Tutor has two different stages of postpartum workout programs. The first is the Restore Program, which is essentially restorative exercises most women will be able to do before they are cleared to exercise. The Postpartum Strength Program is comprised of exercises safe for mamas cleared to workout. Learn more about each below.

You can listen to this page or read it!

These two postpartum workout programs work together to help get women from the delivery room to a functional, strong body in a safe, healthy, and progressive timeline.

The goal of these programs is not weight loss, although that will be a wonderful side effect! Hormone fluctuations and other factors will ultimately determine and affect your weight loss. The goal is to get your body strong and healthy with progressions and exercises safe for a postpartum mama! They also focus on:

  • rebuilding your core
  • reducing separations in your abdominal wall
  • restoring your pelvic floor.

The Restore Program is designed to be completed first. Once completed and cleared for exercise, you can move on to the Postpartum Strength Program!

learn the basics of the fit tutor's Postpartum Exercise Programs: Restore & Postpartum Strength


The Restore Program is 8 weeks long. Its purpose is to rebuild and strengthen your core and pelvic floor, while strengthening your body for the demands of motherhood. It is the first essential step to returning to exercise with your post-baby body!

The exercises included will help heal stretched abdominal muscles and connective tissues. They will help create support for spinal muscles and pelvic floor muscles and organs. The Restore Program also focuses on:

  • alleviating and preventing back/neck/hip pain
  • getting you a flat stomach
  • reducing incontinence and prolapse
  • providing the necessary core stability for both daily activities and future workouts.

How Often Should I Do the Exercises?

There are two parts, each 4 weeks long, for an 8 week program. Each part has 9 exercises; you’ll do each one time for the number of reps listed. You should perform the exercises within the Restore Program every day if possible. Once you learn the routine, it should only take you a little over 5 minutes!

If you cannot do it every day (it’s not like you have a new life to take care of or anything!) just do it as often as you can. Minimum 3-4x a week to get the desired results, but shoot for every day as time allows!

When Can I Start?

This will be different for a lot of women, so ultimately you should talk to your doctor about this. These exercises are restorative, so you don’t technically need to be cleared for them. You should talk with your doctor, pelvic floor therapist, or OBGYN, especially if you experienced any complications during pregnancy or delivery.

Women who had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery could begin 2+ weeks after delivery. Women recovering properly from a C-section could potentially start 3+ weeks postpartum. Once you sign up, there’s information readily available to help you recover from your C-section. Talk to your doctor, listen to your body, and remember that you can start your Core Breaths (seated or supine) the day after you have your baby. No matter what, your first two weeks postpartum are for rest, recovery, core breaths, and loving on that sweet baby.

What Equipment Will I Need?

Non-toxic Non-Slip Eco Friendly Yoga Mat- perfect for at home workouts!
Resistance bands are great for isolating muscles & rehab & posture correction exercises- also great for workouts while you travel!

yoga mat (optional) and resistance bands. The links here will take you to my recommended brands! For the resistance bands, the green, or red would be good options. Choose based on your strength before delivery and how you feel now. Ask me if you have any questions!

Start Restore Now!

Postpartum Strength

The Postpartum Strength Training Program progresses you through safe, effective exercises to continue strengthening your core and reduce any separation in your abs. This full-body workout is designed to

  • maximize your time
  • regain your strength
  • boost your metabolism
  • lose weight
  • equip you to handle the challenges in your daily life with your new postpartum body.

Your body worked really hard while pregnant. We want to take good care of it so you’re fully equipped and energized to handle the demands of motherhood.

How the Program is Set Up

The Postpartum Strength Program is a 12-week program broken up into three different phases. Each phase has two different workouts that you’ll alternate, 2-3 times per week. Each phase gets more challenging and adds in new exercises when your body is ready. Cardio is optional depending on your schedule and how you feel, but walking plans are included in the program.

There are many exercises that are harmful to a healing postpartum body. This program will help you strengthen and tone your whole body without including exercises that do more harm than good.

When Can I Start?

Anyone with a doctor’s clearance to exercise can start this program! I recommend you go through the Restore Program first. If you’re already cleared to exercise and feel ready, there’s a “Restore Warm Up” you can use before each Postpartum Strength workout. This is a warm-up video created from the Restore Part 2 workout, and it’ll be easy to find within the first two phases of the Postpartum Strength Program.

It’s important to listen to your body. You may be extremely motivated to lose the baby weight, but if your body is dragging, listen to it! Start slowly, take it easy when you need to, and ease back into exercise by following the progressions within this program. Strength training is an awesome way to get toned, lose weight, and enable you to handle the demands of motherhood. Just listen to your body and take it easy on days you need to!

What Equipment Will I Need?

Non-toxic Non-Slip Eco Friendly Yoga Mat- perfect for at home workouts!
Resistance bands are great for isolating muscles & rehab & posture correction exercises- also great for workouts while you travel!
An awesome, very affordable pair of dumbbells- perfect for at home workouts!

Will This Program Help Me Even if I Haven’t Recently Had a Baby?

Yes! Even women who have never been pregnant can benefit from this program design. If your child is several months or years old, your body could still greatly benefit from doing these exercises that promote a flat stomach, strong core and floor, and overall strength. Not to mention strength training is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism and lose weight!

Many women who haven’t been pregnant (and even men) can still experience Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal wall) and pelvic floor or organ prolapse. The Restore and Postpartum Strength Programs can help anyone with these issues.

Great news- I just lowered my Lifetime Membership price to $50!

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Great news! Each program also comes with group accountability and my habit-based nutrition course. The best deal comes with purchasing the Fit For Life Membership, but if you want one-on-one accountability or nutrition coaching, check out the personal training option!

You deserve to look and feel your best, and have your body be fit and able to chase around your kiddos. I’m here to make that possible for you!

Have other questions? Email me: allison (at) thefittutor.com

Your postpartum body needs special care, and just any old workout program will not cut it. You need exercises safe for bringing your abs back together and healing/strengthening your pelvic floor. This postpartum program is affordable, safe, and you can do it on your own schedule!

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