RPE Scale

RPE-scale // check out thefittutor.com for more workout advice, nutrition coaching, and accountability!
RPE-scale // check out thefittutor.com for more workout advice, nutrition coaching, and accountability!

75 Responses to “RPE Scale”
  1. Ava Knapp

    4- 6 most of the time, because there is only sometimes where i can’t talk at all.

  2. Madelyn Krick

    I would rate myself on a 4-6 because started to breathe heavy.

  3. 7-8 it was uncomfortable because of how much sweat was in the place I was doing it

  4. Penelope Feign

    4-6 because in the morning I’m still pretty tired but I still put in effort.

  5. cheyanne edwards

    I was mostly a 4-6 and I was able to talk very little and not be able to talk at all

  6. Hadley Ferrero

    I think it was a 2-3 because it wasn’t very long or hard for me. I could talk while doing it too.

  7. Sophia Fialek

    7-8 I am tired so it made it harder to stay focused in the task but I still got it done.

  8. Genavieve Diaz

    I would give myself a 4-6 because I started to breathe heavily.

  9. Adam Burkhead

    4-6, because I was breathing harder towards the end but I kept a good pace

  10. Aidan Niederkorn

    7-8 because I was able to speak but it was pretty hard to breath, but I wasn’t completely out of breath.

  11. Erin Johnson

    solid 9 because i am not that flexible and it really stretched my body so i was breathing hard

  12. abby pasieka

    4-6 it was in the morning and I still put in effort

  13. Connor fennessy

    8-10 because I worked really hard and I was up already and ready to move around.

  14. Jack Lisle

    4-6 because I was breathing heavily a few times.

  15. James Kassner

    4-6 because is breathing heavily and my brother asked what I was doing so I said to him “I’m doing my workout”

  16. Julia Baumer

    I give myself a 2-3 because it was fairly easy

  17. Genevieve

    9 because I was out of breath and am a little hot and am tired.

  18. Emeline Wright

    My effort was 9 because I was out of breath when I finished.

  19. isaac haro

    4-6 most of the time I can only say a couple of words and I’m not super tired but I’m still sweating

  20. Kira Stavropoulos

    4-6 Because I have my own workout in the morning and I get tired from that.

  21. 2-3 I put this because it was a fun easy stretch.

  22. Abraham Quinn

    4-6 because I was breathing heavily but I could still do it easily

  23. Ryan Spencer

    I think that my workout was a 4-6, because it wasn’t that hard, and I felt somewhat comfortable doing the excercises.

  24. tommy zaletel

    2-3 because I have been working out a lot and that was easy

  25. Hailey Harney

    For me, it was a 4-6 because I could still mostly talk while doing the stretches and it was comfortable.

  26. I think I am a 10 just because when I basketball outside I go until I can’t run or shoot.

  27. Georgia Kulubis Siavelis

    4-6 since we did this in the morning so i was still tired but did put effort in it! :)

  28. 4-6 because I was starting to get more out of breath during the end.

  29. Kendall Rozumny

    7-8 because at some parts I was left out of breath.

  30. JACK KOS

    2-3 it wasn’t that hard, i could have gone for longer

  31. Molly Sterzik

    4-6 because it was pretty easy I just got a little tired at the very end.