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Weight Loss: Stop Saying that You’re Missing Out

When you think about eating healthier, what are the things that seem hardest to give up? Maybe it’s your soda habit, your chocolate addiction, or the carb hug you desire from a pasta dinner. For me it’s whatever I want to order out on date night. Or Tonight Dough… it depends on the day.

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Healthy Eating Can Be Hard, But…

Since I’m a trainer and nutrition coach, people often volunteer the reasons why they won’t exercise or what foods they refuse to give up unprompted. Many eventually confess (usually defensively, like I’m rolling out their last donut to walk the plank) that they won’t give up whatever it is because they don’t want to miss out.

Do you feel that way, friend? Do you feel that if you say no to the cake at a party or only indulge in 1 cookie instead of 10 that you’re missing out on something? Missing out on fun? A reward you deserve? A fundamental right? If so, let’s chat.

I get it. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, even when it comes to food. You are giving up something you enjoy. Something that can bring comfort after a stressful day. Something that doesn’t talk back. And truthfully, if you don’t indulge in X, then you are in fact missing X in your life. But is saying no to this treat really missing out? Is there not something greater that you’re missing out on by refusing to give this thing or this lifestyle up?

Missing Out On So Much More

I’ve talked about Cheat Meals and splurges before, so you know I’m not advocating abstinence, unless you can’t handle just one splurge. I’m talking about changing your perspective, and focusing on what really matters.

By not working towards a healthier you, aren’t you “missing out” on reaching your goals? On feeling better? Feeling confident in yourself?

Aren’t you missing out on giving yourself a chance to succeed? A chance to break addiction and overcome a craving or temptation?

By refusing to attempt to cut back on your sugary treats, aren’t you missing out on tasting the amazing and natural sweetness in nature’s candy, fruit? Aren’t you filling your body with harmful ingredients and toxins that make you feel tired, sluggish, and lacking energy?

When you say you refuse to give something up or can’t resist temptation, you are choosing a small, fleeting, chemical happiness over what really matters to you. By looking at it like you’re “missing out” on that particular food or habit, your goals, health, and progress are all hindered. Your self-esteem is damaged because you’re clearly making choices that aren’t valuing yourself, and you’re a slave to your cravings.

Most people I talk with who refuse to give up certain foods for fear of missing out are also unhappy with their bodies. Many people turn to this food for happiness because they are discouraged and reminded of their past failures when they look in the mirror. But friend, it doesn’t need to be this way!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (and Body!)

By changing your perspective (which may include the story you tell yourself and what you let yourself think about!) you can see what you’re really missing out on by consistently giving in to temptations. You’re missing out on

  • energy,
  • feeling good,
  • improving your health,
  • feeling more confident,
  • buying smaller sizes,
  • and on looking in the mirror and seeing success.

Start by focusing on your goals and your health instead of food cravings. You’ll work towards making the things that were once out of your reach realized. You’ll appreciate the value in setting limits. You’ll love the feeling of being a conqueror.

Why focus on the small thing you're saying no to; instead focus on the amazing things that you'll gain!

The Reminder We All Need

I, like most women, pick out my flaws when I look in the mirror. However, in this crazy life, when I’m growing a business on top of the rest of life refusing to slow down, it’s helpful to look in the mirror and see results. It’s a reminder to myself that I’m in control of something, and there’s tangible evidence that I can set my mind to something and achieve it. I feel proud that I’ve been able to overcome my sugar addiction, stay *mostly* on top of my emotional/stress eating, and continue to make the time to workout when I really have so many valid excuses!

I know this isn’t limited to me. Who couldn’t use the reminder each morning while getting ready for the day that they are successful, over-comers, determined, and more disciplined than they ever thought possible? That if they can do this, they can do anything?

By refusing to “miss out” on food and drink, you are really missing out on so much more. Please friend, don’t read this with guilt or shame or a defensive stance. You are so much more powerful than you think, and you deserve to be healthy and confident!

*If you think you have a food addiction, I highly recommend seeing a counselor. 

Why Not Today?

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Why focus on the small thing you're saying no to; instead focus on the amazing things that you'll gain!

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