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The Simplest Thing You Can Do To Lose Weight

This weapon in your weight loss arsenal seems so simple, yet it carries so much power.  Have you ever binged or eaten something you know you shouldn’t have only to feel regret and shame later? You overate because you were stressed or let yourself get too hungry, and now your belly bulge is reminding you of your failure. You ate or drank too much at a party only to wake up feeling awful, not to mention bloated. Let’s not even talk about what the scale says the next day. Oy.

This two minute life hack can keep you from gaining weight, help you in times of temptation, and will give you supernatural willpower at parties. If you don’t do it, you can continue on in your cycle of temptation-giving in-regret… or you can give this a try. It’s not foolproof, but it’s definitely something I won’t leave home without! Oh and it’s free, so that’s nice too.

Everyone is talking about finding your “WHY,” and your motivation– but do you even give that a thought when you’re standing before a table of desserts? When someone orders the “Big Nasty” nacho plate? When you had a bad day and Chick Fil A is on your way home?

No. No one does.

That’s why you need reminders. You need to be able to speak to future you. You need to commit to a process, and make sure you show up to this battle fully armed.

Give me two minutes, and I’ll give you willpower

I’m not talking about time travel as much as I’m talking about something more simple, and something that’s been invented: writing yourself a note.

Please don’t leave. Here me out.

It’s so simple, but it’s also so effective. You know your why better than anyone else. You know what you’re feeling and thinking when faced with temptation, or in a “screw it” kind of mood. You know what kind of pep talk (or threat?) would help you walk away from that dessert table with only one cookie, or what would help you place a sensible order at a restaurant when all you want is the mac n cheese.

Writing yourself a short note and keeping it nearby (in your purse, your phone, setting alarm reminders every 10 minutes- whatever you need!) can prevent regret.

Ugh. Regret is the WORST.

It’s so overbearing and shameful, but you can avoid it! Your note can prevent backsliding on your diet. It can promote progress towards your goals, and get you those results you’ve been working so hard for. Taking two minutes now can save you from undoing your last hour at the gym.

This 2 minute life hack will help you survive a party without overeating, and without regret! Try it today! The simplest thing you can do to lose weight // Find your why

A small action with big repercussions

We’ve all had that one night where we totally blew our diet, set back our progress, and undid what we worked so hard for in the gym.

We’ve all been on the binge eating shame train.

But if you can sneak away for a minute, take a deep breath, and read your note, it just might help you think twice before giving in… or at least talk up “moderation” to your stubborn brain. This really will work. You know yourself, and you know how to tweak this. Maybe you need to sneak away and call a lifeline. Or text food photos to your accountability partner and set a consequence if you get out of hand.

Confidence and success will do so much for your soul! Looking in the mirror and seeing results reminds you that you can do anything! It’s those little choices that add up to big progress, so don’t underestimate the power of saying no or taking the time to remind yourself of your WHY.

Let’s do this now… together

Let’s face it- this isn’t new revelation— the problem I’ve seen with this is that everyone “amens” this advice, but then they walk away.

Without a note.

Without taking action.

So today, class, we are going to take two minutes (if you even need that much) to write our notes. This can be applied to eating healthy, resisting temptation, skipping your workout, making food vs. going out, etc.

What’s your struggle? Write yourself a Space Jam championship-game-worthy pep talk. Bring home the gold. Fight the good fight. I’ll go ahead and be embarrassingly vulnerable and show you mine:

Everyone knows you should "find your why" in your health/weight loss/fitness journey. Take the extra step and write it down- it's one of the easiest things you can do to lose weight!

This makes me feel so vulnerable- ahh!– but it’s worth sharing with you. And yes, I’m embarrassed, but in the moment of wanting to stuff my face with something unhealthy, thinking about my blood glucose levels does not help me. Thinking about my progress and confidence does. Call me vain, but it works ;)

(And just for context, my biggest struggle is that I love feeling stuffed. Maxed out. I work my ass off, so sometimes I feel I *deserve* a splurge. Only a splurge = everything that can fit in my belly.)

I previously mentioned the 4 letter word: commit. What does that have to do with this letter? Well first off, write it. Second, commit to reading it. Before you face temptation, make a pact with yourself or your accountability partner that you will read it. Or that you will text her in your moment of weakness, and she will send you your note (because she’s amazing and saved it as a shortcut on her phone). And that you will wait 5-1o minutes before you decide on anything.

Women are always worrying about what could go wrong. And we focus on our past failures way too much. And even worse, we allow those mistakes to define us. Just because you’ve fumbled in the past does not mean you will today. Or tomorrow. Give this a shot. Allow yourself to believe you can do this.

Feeling brave? Post your note in the comments, or at least email me confirming you wrote one! Share this with an amazing woman who also needs a pep-talk in her pocket.

Let’s do this!

This 2 minute life hack will help you survive a party without overeating, and without regret! Try it today! The simplest thing you can do to lose weight // Find your why

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