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-Allison Lambert

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15 Reasons to Workout at Home

I’m excited to quit the gym. Yep. There, I said it. Here’s why I’m pumped to workout at home (with The Fit Tutor workouts!) and how you can tell if it’s right for you:

workout at home

1. It’s Cheaper!

For some of you, this is the only reason you need. Working out at home can be free, or only cost you a small monthly fee (which seems even smaller when you compare it to the average gym membership). It also saves you gas money – win-win.

The Fit Tutor gives you your own personal trainer for as little as $11.99/mo +modifications and accountability. Whoop whoop!

2. Working out at home Saves Time!

Again, I think I could end this blog here. Time is my most precious commodity, and I’m not willing to lose it sitting in traffic or driving to the gym. Isn’t it ironic we spend all this time sitting to get to a place where we can exercise!? It also saves you time because you’re not waiting on machines and equipment, for a shower, or getting caught up in small talk with a well-meaning stranger. Does anyone else spend a lot of time changing into clothes at the gym? It’s an art to make sure your bare feet and clothing don’t touch the locker room floor!

The Fit Tutor has workouts ranging from 4 minutes to an hour!

3. Gyms Have Germs

People are gross, and rarely do they properly clean the equipment. Enough said!

4. Workout Around Your Schedule

By working out at home, you control when class starts and ends. You no longer have to rearrange your schedule around child care or your favorite class. Sometimes the stress of doing that makes us need a workout even more!

You can fit in workouts at home when you have time and work out in shifts if you need to. If you can’t squeeze all your workout in during your kid’s nap, then do 10 minutes now and 10 minutes later. At home, you can make these adjustments when necessary.

5. You’re Confident

For a lot of people, being at the gym magnifies insecurities. At home, you don’t have to feel like everyone is watching you awkwardly try a new exercise, judging the crazy amount you’re sweating (or that you’re not sweating at all), or what you’re wearing and how you look in it. There aren’t any girls in spandex, overflowing their sports bras to make you self-conscious. It’s just you, trying to be better than you were yesterday. And that’s all it should be about!

6. No Excuses

I’ve stood in a locker room on several occasions wearing my workout clothes….and heels. Forgetting clothes is one of the most common reasons people skip the gym. By working out at home:

  • your clothes are always there
  • you have the time
  • you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious
  • and you know what to do.

If you don’t feel so sure about the last one, The Fit Tutor has workouts for women of all levels with instructional videos. Oh- and if you don’t “feel like” working out, we also offer accountability. BAM.

7. You Provide the Entertainment

And I don’t mean laughing at yourself, although that will probably happen. I mean you can listen to your own music, as loud as you want, or watch your favorite show on Netflix. I don’t always love cardio days, so my guilty pleasure is to laugh hysterically at Parks and Recreation while blasting fat, plyometrics style!

8. Empowerment!

Taking your health into your own hands requires a little creativity and knowledge, but it will empower you for life! You need to learn some exercises, the correct form to protect yourself, and what you like and don’t like. You’re no longer allowed to just go through the motions, or zone out on the elliptical machine. Just because you’re at a gym doesn’t mean you’re doing the exercises correctly.  And don’t get me started on the quality of personal trainers I’ve seen there…. It fills me with joy when Fit Tutor members tell me they feel more confident because they are learning, instead of just mindlessly following someone on an exercise DVD!

9. Wear What You Want

You don’t have to pour money into gym clothes to look presentable, you don’t have to fix your bed head, or match your clothes or socks. Wearing what you want saves money, time, and stress- hooray!

10. You Always Have the Equipment You Need

Now, this may sound like an odd reason to include, but anyone who’s been at a crowded gym knows the frustration of someone being on the machine you need and an empty dumbbell rack. I’ve been a member at The Rush for several years, and this past year I think I got the dumbbells I needed maybe 3 times- and I’m NOT exaggerating. My progress was actually hindered by being a member. At home, you can plan your workouts around what you have, and use the money you would spend on a gym membership to buy more equipment as you need. That’s my plan!

11. Have a Moment

Being a woman is taxing. Sometimes you’ve had a day, and you may need a little catharsis. At home, you can cry, get a little aggressive in your plyometrics, or allow your yoga cool down to get more meditative than you would in public. You have the option if needed, and that can help turn your day around! It’s also a bonus to not have to put on a fake smile to the person excitedly greeting you [read: yelling at you] as you walk in the gym after a long day’s work.

12. Show Your Family Fitness is Important

I’m always getting pictures or videos from my Fit Tutor members of their children doing workouts with them. It’s ridiculously precious. Even better than being cute, their kids are watching their parents make fitness a priority, which will make a lasting impression. Your children will grow up valuing exercise and health, which can change their lives. If you don’t have children, you’re showing others that you value yourself and your health, and will be an example and inspiration to many!

13. Snacks, Drinks, Refueling is Convenient

When I was a teacher, I would show up at the gym starving and dehydrated, and be forced to pay for an overpriced, marginally healthy snack. And the water there made my water bottle stink. Gross. At home you have your snacks, water, and protein shake right there. Your days of subpar workouts for not being properly fueled are over. This should yield better results and feeling better!

14. These People are at the Gym

And also these people: Gym Fails, and the people shady enough to capture the pictures!

15. Because This Happened to Me at the Gym

I thought I’d end with some wonderful gym stories. I’ve had middle-aged men tell me they workout because they aren’t “getting any” at home. I’ve had men try to “help” me with my stretching and tell me they can teach me how to exercise. I’ve had people get on the treadmill right next to mine in a nearly empty gym, and proceed to pass gas for 30 minutes.

I always seem to attract the gum chewers- it’s like I’m holding a sign telling people to pop their gum and chew with their mouth open next to me! I’ve had a woman sit right next to me on my husband’s mat, and when I told her my husband is there and will be right back she replied “oh it’s OK I don’t mind being close” -and proceeded to remain there for the rest of her workout. I’ve negotiated with dumbbell hoarders and walked away from the grunters and singers. The list goes on…

Workout at home: Where to Start

Working out from home isn’t for everyone, but maybe it’s for you. If you’re wanting to try it, I encourage you to sign up for a Fit Tutor Membership. I offer various levels of accountability, but it’s as little as $11.99/mo.

Join other amazing women like you, losing inches, weight, and gaining strength from their homes. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. And if you can’t give up your gym, I’d like to think we’re affordable enough you can have us along with your gym membership, and you can use our mobile site to do the exercises and workouts there!

I am believing this year will be a year of health, accomplished goals, consistent workouts, and overflowing self-confidence!


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4 Responses to “15 Reasons to Workout at Home”
  1. Great list!! I am an avid home workout’er and I love love love it! I don’t think I will ever go back to waiting for equipment and having dudes try to tell me how to do things just because they are jealous I can lift more than them ;) Happy New Year!!

    • Avatar photo
      Allison Lambert

      Seriously, Lana! I know your pain! I’m sure they were jealous of you! Happy New Year to you as well! :)