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How Much Exercise Is Required to Burn Off Your Favorite Fall Treats?

Treat yo self this fall…. responsibly!

I talk with people all the time who are confused about why they aren’t losing weight. Indulging every now and then is totally OK, but many people aren’t realistic with how many calories they are consuming. Fall treats can be sneaky, too, because we feel we have limited time to enjoy them. We end up treating ourselves too frequently to take advantage of this wonderful time of year!

This isn’t meant to bum you out, but to help you be aware of what your splurges are really doing to your health goals. Follow these tips to help you enjoy without gaining weight, and step up your workouts if you plan on getting your fill of fall goodies!

Learn how much exercise is needed to burn the calories in your favorite fall treats

Oh goodness! Right? Don’t worry, friend. Weight gain is not inevitable. I’ve got workouts to help you enjoy splurges without guilt. And make sure you follow these 13 tips for “cheating” on your diet the right way!

You can also check out my healthy recipe roundup of our favorite fall foods!

If you really want to learn how to eat right and quit dieting, sign up for a membership to The Fit Tutor and start the Nutrition Course! It will help you develop and stick with healthy habits, and will teach you how to handle splurges and parties without gaining weight.

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