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Workout Motivation Every Woman Needs to Hear

These sayings will motivate you whether you hate to exercise or are a fitness addict! Every woman should adopt these for those “off” days.

Working out can be fun and empowering, not to mention help us get the body and strength we crave. However, we don’t always feel like working our butts off. Save this post and refer back to it when you need extra workout motivation (or, well, everyday for some of you).

workout motivation

Did you know that this isn’t just something to motivate you, it’s actually the truth? Say this to yourself over and over until you believe it!

workout motivation

We place too high a value on wanting to do something. You might not feel like working out, but by doing it anyway you will feel great during or after! You’ll also avoid those negative feelings of failure and regret. Plus endorphins– woo!


workout motivation!

I am in love with this quote. I have the habit of being “healthy enough” or looking “good enough”- but I’d love to see what this body of mine can do! It’s worth it to put your health first to see what you’re capable of and what you could look like!

workout motivation

Viewing each workout and healthy meal as a step towards your victory is huge in fighting your mental battle! Success isn’t always made of drastic changes, but of consistent small changes over time.

workout motivation

As a trainer, I sometimes feel like I’m also a counselor. In some cases, extra weight is symbolic of emotional baggage. I want you to know that this quote is true, and that you really do have great value, no matter your struggles or past.

workout motivation

I don’t know about you, but this one PUMPS me up! We are all works in progress! And we all have the fight in us to keep progressing.

workout motivation

Do you ever just need to hear this? We may feel out of control in some situations, but we are in control over our choices to exercise and to eat healthy food (and turn down junk food!).

workout motivation

You might think there are a lot of things you deserve, both good and bad. Everyone deserves to be healthy– but you have to make the right choices and exercise. If you feel lost in that journey, that’s sort of what I specialize in, and I would love to help you! :) Remember, not everyone is in a situation they can improve, so do it while you can.

workout motivation

Some of you just need to remind yourself of this! Get out of the I-skipped-my-workout-now-I’ll-binge-eat-in-regret cycle!

workout motivation

What obstacles are you facing? Quit wavering, and decide to walk boldly through them. You’ve got this!

workout motivation

Last but not least, this is my favorite. We all have a purpose and good to add to this world. When you don’t make your health a priority, or if you don’t think you have much to add, we ALL miss out.

I am aching for you to know your value, and for you to take those steps (consistently!) to become the healthiest version of you possible. You can do it. I would love to help you! The Fit Tutor is an online workout community for women. By joining (only $11.99/month!) you have access to workout programs, new weekly workouts, encouragement, accountability, and nutrition advice!

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