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A New Way to Set New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe it’s the industry that I’m in, but it seems like everyone only sets weight loss goals for their New Year’s Resolutions. Although that’s noble and usually good for your health, how has that worked for you in the past?

Although I’m obsessed with new starts, a clean slate, fresh goals, and all that comes with a new year, I’m taking a different approach to my 2019 Resolutions. Maybe this will benefit you, too!

new way to set new year's resolutions
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Something You Want to Accomplish

What’s something you want to accomplish? Instead of focusing on losing X amount of pounds, what if you focused on building that skill you’ve been putting off, putting more time into that creative hobby that’s always on the back burner, or turning your weight loss goal into a fitness feat?

Identify something you want to do

  • a skill, like learning a new language
  • a habit you want to build, like a better morning routine
  • putting more time into a creative hobby, like dusting off your art supplies in the garage
  • a feat, like completing a tough mudder race this spring

Make a Plan

Whatever it is, as with every goal throughout the history of time, make a plan.

Maybe you won’t turn on the TV until you’ve practiced _______ for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.

Find a plan that’s doable.
Find accountability if needed.
Carve out time for it.

If you do want and need to lose 20 lbs, training for your 5k, doing your first real push-up, or your Tough Mudder race can help. You can incorporate other things that would help you, like eating less sugar and eating more balanced meals to support your training. There are ways to make weight loss more exciting and more in your control. Plan the how, and celebrate when the weight loss comes!

Something You Want to Stop Doing

What’s a habit you want to break? Identify something that’s holding you back and make a plan to lessen its negative impact on your life. Perhaps doing a Habit Audit will help you pinpoint where you’re wasting your time.

  • is there something you’re doing that’s toxic to you or your health?
  • can you identify what’s holding you back?
  • even if it seems harmless, what’s something you want to do less of?
a new way to set new year's resolutions
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Plan of Attack

If you were going to drift into success, you would have probably done it by now. Plan and strategize for this, because bad habits can be tough to break- but it can be done!

Maybe you want to limit your time on Netflix or social media so you can read more or develop that skill. You can always use these things as a reward, too.

Maybe you want to lessen the amount of sweets or alcohol you consume, or give your digestive system a break and curb your late-night eating.

In your plan, don’t forget your humanity. Practice positive self-talk instead of berating yourself if/when you mess up. Get some accountability and get back on track ASAP. Derailment does not equal failure!

An Example: My New Year’s Resolutions

This year I really want to focus on a few bigger things.

Here’s what I want to do

I want to learn how to integrate a Sabbath (a day of rest without technology, social, media, netflix- ahhh) into my life.

Learning how to play the piano is a top goal, or at least to get started. I need something creative in my life!

Finish a book I started. Woah!

I hope to start learning a new language. This one is tentatively behind the piano, because I’m not sure I can do both.

I’m working on a detailed weekly plan to make sure these things happen.

I don’t have any huge fitness feats, but I want to focus on working on my handstands and prioritizing mobility work. I also want to look smokin’ hot for our winter beach vacay, so although it’s not a new year’s resolution, I’ll do my Six Week Sculpt plan and stick to a meal plan – and set up consequences for those days I don’t care what I look like in a bikini ;)

Here’s what’s in my way

As I mentioned, social media and Netflix. So I’m working on a plan to limit them, and I may give up Netflix entirely for January.

Gluttony has been in my way lately, too! The hubs and I like to start our year giving up a vice, so I’m planning on a mostly dry and sugarless January. And no tortilla chips. My ultimate downfall! Breaking addictions and showing I’m in control is really empowering (and hard).

My schedule and to-do list have been out of control lately. I’m going to start adding things I never make the time for, like the mobility work, into my schedule as a planned break to help ensure it happens!

I’m going to work on setting up boundaries, consequences, and planning for my humanity. My go-to’s are eating chips and salsa while watching netflix and scrolling through insta. Hello! I need to acknowledge that and plan around my guilty pleasures.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge, plan for, and get accountability for your vices.

Focus on More than Weight Loss

I’m a trainer and nutrition coach, so weight loss and improving health is always on my mind. But I have so many women come to me who are focusing on a number on the scale. That number does not motivate you while you’re at a party with an amazing dessert spread or when you have a rough week. Eating your feelings sounds like a much better idea than making that number go down.

By focusing on goals that build you up, better yourself, and show you how much you are worth, that energy should spill over into your health and fitness lifestyle!

Your health matters, but find a greater goal than just dropping a few pounds. Even if it’s focusing on a healthy habit, like riding your bike for 20 minutes each morning so you’re not so tired going up stairs. There’s a ton of ways to lose weight without it being your #1 focus!

You only have one life. Let’s focus more on shedding pounds this year.

What’s Your 2019 Plan?

I’d love to hear what you want to add and subtract from your life in 2019!

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In the comments, share your New Year’s Resolutions and give the rest of us some inspiration! Happy New Year!

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