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The Little Black Shorts Workout

How little black shorts can help you look amazing in your little black dress

Read how and why it works, and then do the workout to jumpstart your fitness goals and confidence. Video demonstration, reps and sets included!

Guaranteed Motivation

About ten years ago I bought a pair of black spandex shorts to play on a USAV women’s volleyball team. My old knee injury prevented me from reliving my volleyball career long-term, but the shorts stuck around.

Two years ago I rediscovered them while cleaning, put them on for my workout, and was quickly introduced the their truth-telling capabilities.

How It Works

Wear them for each workout.

Put them on and look good? Motivation.

Seeing that your hard work is paying off is perfect motivation to keep pushing yourself in your workouts. Feeling confident in your success and your body will help you continue to make good choices so you feel this way more often.

Put them on and cringe? Motivation.

Some days I put on the shorts and am immediately reminded that my weekend splurging got a little out of hand, or that skipping a workout last week didn’t do me any favors.

It’s not about feeling shame or guilt; it’s about assessing where you are in relation to your goals. If you’re not pumped about what you see, then you have extra motivation to push yourself in your workout.

Consistent monitoring of your habits and progress is important to keep you moving in the right direction. Putting on little black shorts is honestly a better indicator than obsessing over the scale. These shorts don’t lie (or carry water weight).

this tip + workout will help keep you accountable and get results ;) #littleblackshortsworkout

Your Little Black Shorts

Maybe you workout at a gym and don’t want to wear short little spandex there. Maybe the thought of tiny shorts makes your stomach churn because you have a long ways to go. That’s OK- find your own version of the little black shorts.

Maybe it’s a pair of really honest jeans that you put on every few days to check your progress, or weekly photos in a new dress. If you’re more apple-shaped, maybe your version is working out in your sports bra or a form-fitting tank – – whatever it is, wardrobe accountability is legit, honest, and will keep you going in the right direction.

Remember, no shame is allowed. I wish we could go back and un-eat those cookies or spray last-week-me with a hose until she got off the couch. But we can’t. So don’t dwell on your past mistakes, keep looking and moving forward.

Find weekly wardrobe accountability that works for you. I love mine being workout gear because I get a reality check several times a week, instead of just once. What would help keep you focused?
You deserve to be confident and healthy, dear friend.

this tip + workout will help keep you accountable and get results ;) #littleblackshortsworkout

The Little Black Shorts Workout

Disclaimer/Rant: If you ever want to see me go off, hand me a beer and start talking about how fitness magazines have banned the words “bikini body” but have no problem showing you photoshopped models in little clothing lifting only 2 lb dumbbells.

You guys, I rage.

My goal is to never motivate you nor shame you with my body, because that’s dumb. I however could not write a post about my little black workout shorts without wearing them, so forgive me if I handled this conundrum poorly.

I do promise, though, that if you do this legs-focused full-body workout, it will bring you one step closer to feeling more confident in your own version of your little black shorts!

(Also, welcome to my new apartment! Still a work in progress, and so is figuring out lighting for videos! And don’t be fooled by my 8 lb dumbbells, I usually lift with much more; these are my only pretty pair left for filming! Be set free- don’t wait until things are perfect to do something you want to do!)

Let’s do this:

Do each exercise x 10, repeating on both sides of the body for 1,2,4, and 9.
Do 2-4 sets depending on time! You’ll need a pair of dumbbells (buy here).

1 Squat Walks

2 Front Kicks

3 X Factor

4 Split Squats

5 Elevated Glute Bridge

6 Thrusters

7 Squat to Punch

8 Wall Squats with Curl

9 Planks with Leg Rotations

10 Squat Jacks

Safety First

Proper form is crucial to keep you safe- and make sure you’re using the right muscles to get the best results!

If you’re newer to strength training or are unfamiliar with these exercises, check out a membership to thefittutor.com! I have detailed instructional videos that include ways to make each exercise easier or harder. There are hundreds of workouts and exercises, effective and efficient programs, nutrition help, and support from yours truly, a nationally certified trainer and nutrition coach.

If all this squatting makes you cringe, replace a few with these Knee-Friendly Lower-Body Exercises

And if you’re serious about rockin’ your shorts this summer, the BMAX program is a must. Check it out here.

Rock the Shorts. Rock the Confidence.

Sister I am cheering you on! I believe you can do this, and this wardrobe reality check is a sure way to keep your eye on the prize. There is ONLY one of you, and this world needs you healthy and able. I’m excited to hear how you like this workout! Let me know if you have any questions!

Ready to commit? Buy some shorts and await your accountability to come in the mail ;)

**Try at your own risk! Of course, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program- especially if you have a medical condition, injury, or are pregnant, If you have blood pressure issues, don’t get above an 8 on the RPE scale. The Fit Tutor is not responsible for any injuries. 

Save and share!

this free online workout will help keep you accountable and get results ;) #littleblackshortsworkout

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